Lords of Narnia

Session 5: The Grand Chase
And the death of Kressle

Like a shot, Dom took off on the horse after Happs and Kressle and more importantly, Birchis sapling! Alistar hurried after them on foot, certain that he would be able to help. Farnus also grabbed on to the horse as it passed by, racing after the dastardly duo.

A terrific bit of riding caught them shortly up to the bandits, and a well timed sleeping spell took Happs out of the running, landing face down in the wagon behind. Not to be delayed, Kressle cut the wagon free and spurred the horse on even faster, its precious load left behind in the dust. A couple of arrows slowed the bandit’s horse, and some fine horsemanship brought the pair of heroes astride their own stolen horse. Dom wrestled Kressle from the saddle, and when she attempted to slash at him with a dagger, he simply dropped her. Her momentum carried her roughly rolling across the forest floor, and ending rather suddenly against a tree – ouch! Diplomacy was attempted, but the dwarf would not yield to the pair, either physically or socially, and so was tied and brought back to the cart.

However, when the pair returned to the cart, they found that Happs had sprinted away after the wagon had slowed to a halt, and he would not return – even when Kressle’s life was threatened. Kressle confessed to a life of proud banditry (and the deeply sad childhood that had led her there). She was executed for her crimes, and her body left for the beasts of the woods.

Heading back with the wagon, and now possessing an extra horse, they met up with Alistar, who was able to mend some of the wounds sustained (both of persons and horse). They returned to the rest of the group, and they all agreed that it would be best to return to Oleg’s Trading Post with the recovered stolen goods. While the trio were gone, Birchis had tended to the wounds of both the Bull Mastiff (who was eager to return home to his 33 children, now that his freedom had been gained), and the massive Ape (who Samson had developed a strong bond to, however one sided it might be). They rested the night, and made their way back home.

Upon returning to Oleg’s, the party discovered that Oleg was actually Dom’s son, and a happy reunion was shared by all. Roeth was getting on well with honest life, and received a commendation from Kesten who had taken the young Telmarine under his wing. Another new face was found there – an old Telmarine healer by the name of Jhod Kavken seeking asylum after being driven from his own homeland.

Plans were made to travel to the edge of the forest to gather some lumber to build a shelter for Jhod, an enclosure for the ape, and anything that might be needful in the coming days. A recipe for Bear dumplings might also be shared, and things are looking fairly bright for our heroes as they reflect on what they’ve experienced in the last several days before braving the wilds to fulfill their charter once again.

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Session 4: The River Camp
Finding & Losing

All was ready, the diversions had been set up, and the assault was ready to begin. Moving quickly and quietly, the party moved into the westernmost entrance and through what appeared to be a room used for a prison, dump, and butchery. Samson tried to open the door quietly to see what might lie on the other side, but the loud creak echoed through the corridor even above the noise of preparation further down. Two dwarves drew weapons and said “Nothing to it but to do it, Benjamin,” and a large bull mastiff galloped down the hallway, teeth bared. A powerful headbutt slammed the dog into unconsciousness, and Dom ran down the remainder of the corridor, and with a mighty blow shattered the body of one against the stone wall.

The remainder of the party pressed forwards and finished the other dwarf, when two Telmarine bandits rounded the corner with a massive ape ahead of them, which rushed forward and gave the Minotaur a strike that certainly could have been the death of him, were Aslan not with them. Alistar called the lights of Narnia to guide the blows of his companions, and all both sides fought hard in the ensuing melee – save the bandits, who were content to mock the group and hurl insults rather than risk their own hides. However their simian champion was knocked unconscious, and it was Birchis who once again made pleas for friendship, but sounded very much like a strange threat involving stew. The Telmarines were hardened against the group however, and they were killed quickly after in a very short exchange of bitter blows.

The hideout was then searched thoroughly, and while many stolen valuables and supplies were found, Kressle was nowhere to be found. Several documents were seized, however, and the party was able to determine several key pieces of information:
-One of the cases of liquor was to be delivered to the Black Stag’s personal cache
-The Black Stag has a personal interest in Kressle, having recruited her when she was quite young.
-Kressle is indeed in love with Happs.

When the party was leaving the camp, they found something strange – the captive they had bound and left was gone, severed bonds lying on the ground. Moving back to their horse and cart, they discovered that both were now gone!! Along with Happs, their supplies, and Birchis’ tree…

Will they be able to catch these villains?
Will they be able to save Birchis?

Find out, next time!

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Session 3: Honor Among Thieves?
Chasing Kressle

The party quickly rose to deal with the nighttime ambush, dealing with the bandits in short order: killing two, capturing one, and forcing two others to flee. The captured bandit, whose name was Roeth was interrogated by Alistar Dom and Samson

The bandit had been badly wounded in the fight, but Alistar mended his wounds with the aid of Aslan and the man wondered at this strange kindness…

Through the course of conversation during the night, Roeth was forced to examine his life – and decided to leave behind his life of banditry! He began to make his way to Oleg’s with a writ from the party requesting asylum.

The party pressed on, and their fourth day of travel was made without incident.

They arrived at the Camp on Thorn River, and made a plan to approach in twos, perceiving that there were bandit watchmen posted in the trees. They managed to cause one black dwarf to surrender without incident, after terrifying him sufficiently to spill his quiver and leap from his post, but the other guard (a badger) raised an alarm shortly before his death and impalement on Samson’s horns after falling from his perch (a traumatic experience for Birchis who previously had kept his distance from death, but was directly responsible for this one). A quick questioning of the dwarf revealed the number of bandits present, as well as the fact that Kressle had returned to the camp not three hours before the party’s arrival. Surely she was one of the ambushers from the previous night!

The enemy was roused, but the party had a brilliant plan for assaulting the subterranean camp: a magical illusion to draw their attention to the south entrance, while simultaneously attacking at the north.

We’ll see what happens, next time!

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Session 2: Reunion of friends and setting out!
What is with these radishes?!

The adventure begins – and the party has taken a day to prepare and stock up on food and supplies (with Oleg’s help). A short time after leaving though, a small band of men were seen in the distance. Cautiously, both sides drew closer until faces were recognized: Dom Fairgraze and a few soldiers under the Captain and his 2nd in command, Kesten Garess
Dom and Samson Magnar raced toward each other with weapons drawn, roaring fiercely, and both sides awaited what seemed to be a titanic battle, but what in reality was only their customary greeting for one another. Dom decided to send his men to the fort to keep it, while he joined the party on their trip to find the bandits’ camp, under the unwilling direction of Happs Bydon
They reached the forest’s edge and made camp there, having spend a day of happy travelling, getting reacquainted and telling all the tales that had busied them while they were apart.
The next day, they set out and by midday had reached the patch where the Moon Radishes were said to grow by Oleg – and the current inhabitants of the patch, a group of Black Dwarves, lazing in the field, eating and drinking and making merry. The Dwarves were very protective of the field, “finders keepers” and all that, and demanded that they would not share their radishes, and that the interlopers should shove off!
In the end, not only did cooler heads prevail, but through some friendly conversation by Alistar and a very fine Moon Radish stew put together by Birchis from some of the supplies they’d brought, the Dwarves were made friendly. They told the party to visit their home in the hills, about 3 days journey south, (and that Ginabrik’s crew sent them).
They completed the days travel, and stopped for the night. Around midnight, however, Alistar was keeping watch and heard some movement in the bushes. A light spell showed 5 bandits creeping up on the party!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Session 1: Oleg's Trading Post
The trouble with bandits...

The party set out from Castle Anvard with horse and cart filled with supplies to fulfill the charge given them by King Ram the Great in their Charter.

Upon their arrival at the edge of Narnia and The Western Wilds they came across Oleg’s Trading Post

The group was offered hospitality in the form of a night’s stay and a fine meal, but something seemed off about the proprietor and his wife, which was discovered shortly after: Oleg and Svetlana had been sorely set upon by bandits over the course of the last few months, and they were expecting military relief from a nearby village, not a colonization group.

Upon figuring each other out, the party agree to help with the group that was scheduled to arrive the very next morning, apparently by providence. A good night of conversation, food, and fine wine (Oleg’s best) followed, and plans were made as to the best way to deal with the incoming bandits.

The next morning was full of preparations until the bandit’s arrival, as well as some fresh baked bread from Svetlana.

The party’s plans went off without a hitch, the bandits were dealt with, and the prisoners were interrogated, including one Happs Bydon He seemed to be the leader of this group, but upon questioning him, they discovered that he was merely an underling of a captain, Kressle who in turn is a captain of The Black Stag

What awaits the party in this land?
What awaits Oleg and Svetlana?

Find out next time, on LORDS OF NARNIA!!

Prequel Session 1
Initial Adventure on the Mirage Maker

The Date is August
King Edmund the Wise has commissioned Professor Farnus and Alistar to investigate a strange monument found on a small island 2 days journey from Cair Paravel, aboard the Mirage Maker under the command of one Captain Darius Fairgraze
-Alistar got to know the crew and their duties, removing much of the sense of unnaturalness from the star that walks the earth.
-Professor Farnus spoke with the Captain (and met his wife and newborn son), and went over the sketches made of the monument and maps of the island.
-Upon asking the Captain for a set of tools to deal with any defensive mechanisms, it was actually the Captain’s wife who obliged to lend the Professor a set.
-Alistar and Professor Farnus were told that the ship would return for them in either 6 or 10 days, depending on which way the ship was headed. When they were ready to leave, they were to build a signal fire on a particular section of beach that would easily be seen.
-Upon being shuttled to the island by Blumpkin, Alistar and the Professor made their way to the monument and made camp for the night.
-A strange rustling woke Alistar from a strange dream, and the noise turned out to be from a seemingly impossibly long centipede. It seemed to be held back by the firelight, but a botched attempt to make friends resulted in hostility. The monster was driven off into the darkness, however.
-Alistar fell back asleep, and the stone monument began whispering… things. Upon further exploration, the text seemed to shift and move upon reading it – this will take some intensive research!!


The Golden Age of Narnia ended many years ago, but the lives of its inhabitants continue. King Ram of Archenland has decreed that the borders of Narnia are to be secured against outside threats. Into this territory they send their emissaries, tasking them with subduing the lawless folk and deadly creatures that have made it a land of savagery and shame. Beyond that rugged frontier stretches the home of voracious monsters, capricious faeries, wily natives, and bandits who bow to the rule of a merciless lord none dare defy. Can these capable Narnians survive the Stolen Lands, bring their dangers to heel, and lay the foundations of a new outpost for a new land? Or will they just be one more fateful band, lost forever to the ravenous wilds?

The Charter

“Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged by Ram the Great, King of Archenland, Lord Steward of Narnia, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within him by the Great Lion Himself, has granted the right of exploration and of establishing settlement within the western wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. To this end, the bearers are to fortify the western borders of Narnia, setting up a defensible outpost to watch over the Western Wilds, from the Great Cliffs to the mountains beyond. The carriers of this charter shall also strive against banditry, the servants of darkness, hostile incursions from Giants, and any other unlawful behaviour to be encountered. Punishment and mercy are in the hands of these bearers, so may they rule justly as my proxies. So it is witnessed on this 24th day of April, under watchful eyes of King Ram the Great, servant of the Great Lion Aslan, and of His Father, the Great Emperor Overseas.”


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