Lords of Narnia

Session 5: The Grand Chase

And the death of Kressle

Like a shot, Dom took off on the horse after Happs and Kressle and more importantly, Birchis sapling! Alistar hurried after them on foot, certain that he would be able to help. Farnus also grabbed on to the horse as it passed by, racing after the dastardly duo.

A terrific bit of riding caught them shortly up to the bandits, and a well timed sleeping spell took Happs out of the running, landing face down in the wagon behind. Not to be delayed, Kressle cut the wagon free and spurred the horse on even faster, its precious load left behind in the dust. A couple of arrows slowed the bandit’s horse, and some fine horsemanship brought the pair of heroes astride their own stolen horse. Dom wrestled Kressle from the saddle, and when she attempted to slash at him with a dagger, he simply dropped her. Her momentum carried her roughly rolling across the forest floor, and ending rather suddenly against a tree – ouch! Diplomacy was attempted, but the dwarf would not yield to the pair, either physically or socially, and so was tied and brought back to the cart.

However, when the pair returned to the cart, they found that Happs had sprinted away after the wagon had slowed to a halt, and he would not return – even when Kressle’s life was threatened. Kressle confessed to a life of proud banditry (and the deeply sad childhood that had led her there). She was executed for her crimes, and her body left for the beasts of the woods.

Heading back with the wagon, and now possessing an extra horse, they met up with Alistar, who was able to mend some of the wounds sustained (both of persons and horse). They returned to the rest of the group, and they all agreed that it would be best to return to Oleg’s Trading Post with the recovered stolen goods. While the trio were gone, Birchis had tended to the wounds of both the Bull Mastiff (who was eager to return home to his 33 children, now that his freedom had been gained), and the massive Ape (who Samson had developed a strong bond to, however one sided it might be). They rested the night, and made their way back home.

Upon returning to Oleg’s, the party discovered that Oleg was actually Dom’s son, and a happy reunion was shared by all. Roeth was getting on well with honest life, and received a commendation from Kesten who had taken the young Telmarine under his wing. Another new face was found there – an old Telmarine healer by the name of Jhod Kavken seeking asylum after being driven from his own homeland.

Plans were made to travel to the edge of the forest to gather some lumber to build a shelter for Jhod, an enclosure for the ape, and anything that might be needful in the coming days. A recipe for Bear dumplings might also be shared, and things are looking fairly bright for our heroes as they reflect on what they’ve experienced in the last several days before braving the wilds to fulfill their charter once again.

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