Lords of Narnia

Session 4: The River Camp

Finding & Losing

All was ready, the diversions had been set up, and the assault was ready to begin. Moving quickly and quietly, the party moved into the westernmost entrance and through what appeared to be a room used for a prison, dump, and butchery. Samson tried to open the door quietly to see what might lie on the other side, but the loud creak echoed through the corridor even above the noise of preparation further down. Two dwarves drew weapons and said “Nothing to it but to do it, Benjamin,” and a large bull mastiff galloped down the hallway, teeth bared. A powerful headbutt slammed the dog into unconsciousness, and Dom ran down the remainder of the corridor, and with a mighty blow shattered the body of one against the stone wall.

The remainder of the party pressed forwards and finished the other dwarf, when two Telmarine bandits rounded the corner with a massive ape ahead of them, which rushed forward and gave the Minotaur a strike that certainly could have been the death of him, were Aslan not with them. Alistar called the lights of Narnia to guide the blows of his companions, and all both sides fought hard in the ensuing melee – save the bandits, who were content to mock the group and hurl insults rather than risk their own hides. However their simian champion was knocked unconscious, and it was Birchis who once again made pleas for friendship, but sounded very much like a strange threat involving stew. The Telmarines were hardened against the group however, and they were killed quickly after in a very short exchange of bitter blows.

The hideout was then searched thoroughly, and while many stolen valuables and supplies were found, Kressle was nowhere to be found. Several documents were seized, however, and the party was able to determine several key pieces of information:
-One of the cases of liquor was to be delivered to the Black Stag’s personal cache
-The Black Stag has a personal interest in Kressle, having recruited her when she was quite young.
-Kressle is indeed in love with Happs.

When the party was leaving the camp, they found something strange – the captive they had bound and left was gone, severed bonds lying on the ground. Moving back to their horse and cart, they discovered that both were now gone!! Along with Happs, their supplies, and Birchis’ tree…

Will they be able to catch these villains?
Will they be able to save Birchis?

Find out, next time!

Again, would love to hear your favorite moments below..



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