Lords of Narnia

Session 3: Honor Among Thieves?

Chasing Kressle

The party quickly rose to deal with the nighttime ambush, dealing with the bandits in short order: killing two, capturing one, and forcing two others to flee. The captured bandit, whose name was Roeth was interrogated by Alistar Dom and Samson

The bandit had been badly wounded in the fight, but Alistar mended his wounds with the aid of Aslan and the man wondered at this strange kindness…

Through the course of conversation during the night, Roeth was forced to examine his life – and decided to leave behind his life of banditry! He began to make his way to Oleg’s with a writ from the party requesting asylum.

The party pressed on, and their fourth day of travel was made without incident.

They arrived at the Camp on Thorn River, and made a plan to approach in twos, perceiving that there were bandit watchmen posted in the trees. They managed to cause one black dwarf to surrender without incident, after terrifying him sufficiently to spill his quiver and leap from his post, but the other guard (a badger) raised an alarm shortly before his death and impalement on Samson’s horns after falling from his perch (a traumatic experience for Birchis who previously had kept his distance from death, but was directly responsible for this one). A quick questioning of the dwarf revealed the number of bandits present, as well as the fact that Kressle had returned to the camp not three hours before the party’s arrival. Surely she was one of the ambushers from the previous night!

The enemy was roused, but the party had a brilliant plan for assaulting the subterranean camp: a magical illusion to draw their attention to the south entrance, while simultaneously attacking at the north.

We’ll see what happens, next time!

I’d love to hear your favorite moments in the comments below.


Good cop, bad cops. Played out to perfection. All while birchis slept. Alistair makes a great good cop. Dom performs a splendid bad cop. And Samson is the extra bad cop…that we are just praying doesn’t kill the prinsoner…when he threw his axe on the ground, i think we all thought that that prisoner was a goner

Session 3: Honor Among Thieves?

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