Lords of Narnia

Session 2: Reunion of friends and setting out!

What is with these radishes?!

The adventure begins – and the party has taken a day to prepare and stock up on food and supplies (with Oleg’s help). A short time after leaving though, a small band of men were seen in the distance. Cautiously, both sides drew closer until faces were recognized: Dom Fairgraze and a few soldiers under the Captain and his 2nd in command, Kesten Garess
Dom and Samson Magnar raced toward each other with weapons drawn, roaring fiercely, and both sides awaited what seemed to be a titanic battle, but what in reality was only their customary greeting for one another. Dom decided to send his men to the fort to keep it, while he joined the party on their trip to find the bandits’ camp, under the unwilling direction of Happs Bydon
They reached the forest’s edge and made camp there, having spend a day of happy travelling, getting reacquainted and telling all the tales that had busied them while they were apart.
The next day, they set out and by midday had reached the patch where the Moon Radishes were said to grow by Oleg – and the current inhabitants of the patch, a group of Black Dwarves, lazing in the field, eating and drinking and making merry. The Dwarves were very protective of the field, “finders keepers” and all that, and demanded that they would not share their radishes, and that the interlopers should shove off!
In the end, not only did cooler heads prevail, but through some friendly conversation by Alistar and a very fine Moon Radish stew put together by Birchis from some of the supplies they’d brought, the Dwarves were made friendly. They told the party to visit their home in the hills, about 3 days journey south, (and that Ginabrik’s crew sent them).
They completed the days travel, and stopped for the night. Around midnight, however, Alistar was keeping watch and heard some movement in the bushes. A light spell showed 5 bandits creeping up on the party!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!


From Jordan:
So my favourite moments of others was:
Birchis puffing himself up and talking in a deep voice to impress “manly” Dom, in order to impress him

And when Samson started fuming when the dwarves called Birchis twiggy even though up until now Samson had only been annoyed by him and called him names as well. (Great example of his trait of “protective”)


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