Lords of Narnia

Session 1: Oleg's Trading Post

The trouble with bandits...

The party set out from Castle Anvard with horse and cart filled with supplies to fulfill the charge given them by King Ram the Great in their Charter.

Upon their arrival at the edge of Narnia and The Western Wilds they came across Oleg’s Trading Post

The group was offered hospitality in the form of a night’s stay and a fine meal, but something seemed off about the proprietor and his wife, which was discovered shortly after: Oleg and Svetlana had been sorely set upon by bandits over the course of the last few months, and they were expecting military relief from a nearby village, not a colonization group.

Upon figuring each other out, the party agree to help with the group that was scheduled to arrive the very next morning, apparently by providence. A good night of conversation, food, and fine wine (Oleg’s best) followed, and plans were made as to the best way to deal with the incoming bandits.

The next morning was full of preparations until the bandit’s arrival, as well as some fresh baked bread from Svetlana.

The party’s plans went off without a hitch, the bandits were dealt with, and the prisoners were interrogated, including one Happs Bydon He seemed to be the leader of this group, but upon questioning him, they discovered that he was merely an underling of a captain, Kressle who in turn is a captain of The Black Stag

What awaits the party in this land?
What awaits Oleg and Svetlana?

Find out next time, on LORDS OF NARNIA!!


Memorable moments/quotes:
Alistar: Epic door slamming, and yelling at Birchis
Birchis: sudden and profound love of moon radishes.
Farnus: pantomiming Oleg with his illusion spell.
Samson: Coming up behind the charmed bandit and putting his giant hand on his shoulder.

Session 1: Oleg's Trading Post

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