Lords of Narnia

Prequel Session 1

Initial Adventure on the Mirage Maker

The Date is August
King Edmund the Wise has commissioned Professor Farnus and Alistar to investigate a strange monument found on a small island 2 days journey from Cair Paravel, aboard the Mirage Maker under the command of one Captain Darius Fairgraze
-Alistar got to know the crew and their duties, removing much of the sense of unnaturalness from the star that walks the earth.
-Professor Farnus spoke with the Captain (and met his wife and newborn son), and went over the sketches made of the monument and maps of the island.
-Upon asking the Captain for a set of tools to deal with any defensive mechanisms, it was actually the Captain’s wife who obliged to lend the Professor a set.
-Alistar and Professor Farnus were told that the ship would return for them in either 6 or 10 days, depending on which way the ship was headed. When they were ready to leave, they were to build a signal fire on a particular section of beach that would easily be seen.
-Upon being shuttled to the island by Blumpkin, Alistar and the Professor made their way to the monument and made camp for the night.
-A strange rustling woke Alistar from a strange dream, and the noise turned out to be from a seemingly impossibly long centipede. It seemed to be held back by the firelight, but a botched attempt to make friends resulted in hostility. The monster was driven off into the darkness, however.
-Alistar fell back asleep, and the stone monument began whispering… things. Upon further exploration, the text seemed to shift and move upon reading it – this will take some intensive research!!



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