Lords of Narnia

4th Session:

In which the finer points of Spider Egg cuisine is discussed.

In attendance:
and almost Lyrindel

The party returned to Oleg’s (and a good thing too, for there were far more postings and rumors waiting for them. Nearly two weeks in, and a sizable chunk of land explored and mapped (who’s doing the mapping? – we should work that out..). Taking a new approach, and at Fiddenmar’s suggestion, they decided to explore out from the trading post, rather than striking deeply into the Greenbelt one stretch at a time.
Several days and miles were mapped out, helped in large part by their new magical map, before there was any real interaction. On the fourth day, a large Spider’s Nest was discovered.
Spider nest
Though they were many, the party defeated them handily, reducing the threat that travelers might face from such accomplished hunters.

(OOC: Felt like a train wreck there, for my part. Sorry – better organized next time!)



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