Lords of Narnia

3rd Session: Discretion: the better part of Valor

The party was properly introduced to the leader of the Narnian soldiers that have come at the behest of King Ram to aid the characters. Kesten Garess greeted the characters, and pledged his aid to further the charter. Exploring further, the party pressed further into the Greenbelt and had the following encounters.

The Thorn River Bandit Camp, further southwest into the forest, was inhabited by several bandits that seemed to be led by a mysterious cloaked Hobgoblin who spoke of the “Green Witch” as he leveled his sorcerous power against the characters. After defeating the bandits, one of the goblins was captured and told the group of the mysterious Stag Lord, and gave directions to his Fort.. The party also found some valuables buried within one of the tents, Furs and supplies worth 420gp, a healing potion, and 110gp in coin. The party also found a magical map amidst the spoils, a Map of Unseen Lands. The Rickety Bridge was further along, and the keen eyes of several members told that the bridge couldn’t possibly hold more than one of the larger ones at any time. Next up was the remains of the bridge known as Nettle’s Crossing. When the sign was read and the little bell was rung, an unquiet corpse came walking on the water over to the group, stating his demand before he would allow anyone to cross the river.

Following the conjunction of the two rivers further southwest, the party saw the Stag Lord’s Fort – but were hesitant to explore too closely during daylight hours. They decided to head back by a slightly different route, so as to explore and map more of the Greenbelt.

On their way back, they came across a dense Fangberry Thicket in a valley between two low hills. A fairly large population of Chew Spiders were seen however, and the party decided to come back for the berries when they were better equipped.

Pressing southeast, back into the forest, the party happened across the lair of a Dire Boar and his consort. This turned out to be the Lair of none other than the fearsome Tuskgutter, but they fought valiantly and managed to rid the Greenbelt of this menace.

In attendance:



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