Lords of Narnia

2nd Session: All this for Radishes?

Continuing from where we left off last time, the party finished cleaning and patching up themselves and Svetlana. The Levetons were thrilled with the outcome of the battle, and promised a reward even beyond free room and board to their saviors. A short while later, they prepared themselves to start their larger task.

The party began their exploration proper, with the following characters in attendance:

Upon exploring the edge of the forest thoroughly, they came across a Radish Patch, occupied by a group of gluttonous goblins. Asteron made an attempt at diplomacy, which was ill received, though graciously offered. A brawl broke out, and the goblins were removed permanently from the site, without major incident.

Meanwhile, while the party was out exploring, a small group of Narnian creatures and soldiers have come to the trading post, eager to help in whatever capacity seems right.

OOC: The fight illustrated to me how quickly a group of skirmishers can whittle away health when they can surround a group and i roll decently. Tonight was also the first try at hosting an online player, something which we were all pleased with and will be excited to try again!



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